Introduction to Backyard Bees

Introduction to Backyard Bees

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If you are planning on become a beekeeper or just interested in finding out more about bees and beekeeping then this course is for you.

Hosted by Benedict Hughes - The Practical Beekeeper, who looks after the bees at Edendale Farm

In the 2 hour online beginning beekeeping workshop you can expect to learn everything from the inner workings of a bee hive to the amazing properties of raw honey; how to maintain a healthy hive; to the wonders of swarms and how to keep them in check.

There is plenty of time for questions and answers, and if you have a Flow hive we can certainly help with all your questions!

The class is suitable for adults and teenagers who are interested to get started or learn more about bees.

Course content:

  • Protective clothing and occupational health and safety
  • Types of hives and components
  • Bee biology and seasonal management
  • Legislation
  • Diseases and pests of bees
  • Extracting honey
  • Purchasing hives

Trainer bio

Benedict Hughes is a fully qualified trainer and a well-known registered Beekeeper. As The Practical Beekeeper he collects swarms, manages hives, extracts honey, teaches and loves bees.

Benedict is the President of The Australian Pollinator Alliance Inc., a not for profit group dedicated to promote the health of bees and all pollinators, critical to our food and natural environment, through education, research and conservation.

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What you will learn
  • All about the bee, biology, diseases and honey
  • Types of equipment and hives required
  • Regulaitons and purchasing bees
What you will get
  • Handout

What to bring
  • Curiosity
What to wear

Webinar Casual

Appropriate for

home gardeners, environmentally concerned

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Terms & Conditions

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In the event that a class is cancelled by Edendale Farm, students will be notified via text message or email and entitled to a full refund, transfer or credit.

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17 September 2020 • Introduction to Backyard Bees

It was very informative, I loved it! Thank you for a great session.


14 September 2020 • Introduction to Backyard Bees

I certainly enjoyed taking part in the ‘Introduction To Backyard Bees’ online event. I felt engaged, my interest didn’t flag, I learned several new things and my question on Flowhives was mostly answered. The presenter was very personable and I felt I could trust his information, that he wasn’t spruiking anything. I feel I don’t have enough knowledge to comment on how comprehensive the talk was - it’s a big topic. I have 2 beehives in my suburban garden, set up and managed by an apiarist. I would like to set up a bee hive at my farm, but feel far from confident to do so


14 September 2020 • Introduction to Backyard Bees

This was a very well run and informative session. The speaker was able to hold my interest for two hours. I took notes, and was supplied with a list of reference materials. I now feel confident to care for my two new hives, and know where to go to for advice along the way. I can recommend these workshops. Thank you.

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